Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kikuji Kawada in Popular Photography

Kikuji Kawada is best known for his first book, Chizu or The Map, published in 1965. It is one of the high points in the history of photography books. As Parr & Badger say in The History of the Photobook, Vol. 1, "No photobook has been more successful in combining graphic design with complex photographic narrative."

In 1971, Shashin Hyoronsha published his second book, Seinaru Sekai or Sacre Atavism (cover above.) Today, it's less well known than The Map especially since The Map was re-published in a gorgeous facsimile edition in 2005 by Nazraeli Press.

What follows is a "gravure portfolio" from Popular Photography, June, 1975, of work from Sacre Atavism.

Plus: Special Bonus Book Review at the end!

First spread

Second spread

Third spread

Fourth spread

Fifth spread

Jump 1

Jump 2

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