Monday, April 13, 2009

Harry Callahan

"A photographer whose work has inspired both peers and casual viewers and a teacher whose ideas and methods have influenced university curricula, Harry Callahan is a national treasure. More than 50 years ago, he discovered the camera’s power to capture the sublime and seemingly everyday subjects: nature, the city, and people. His subtle, contemplative pictures convey an intensely personal vision of the world. They have graced photography exhibitions in some of the finest museums around the world. A native of Detroit, his work reminds us that there is always much more than meets the eye."

So said President William Jefferson Clinton, on presenting Harry Callahan with the National Medal of Arts, 0n January 9, 1997.

The previous year, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., mounted a large retrospective of Callahan's work--only the fifth photographer to be accorded such an honor. The first piece is related to that Corcoran show, announcing a panel discussion about Callahan's work featuring Emmet Gowin, Ray Metzger and Jim Dow and a talk by Sarah Greenough about photographic education.

Stiff cardstock; 11 x 8.5 inches; blank back



Stiff card stock, 7.75 x 5.5 inches




Stiff card stock, 11.5 x 8.25, folded once to produce a 5.75 x 8.25,
horizontally opening card

The accompanying press release

Paper, 5.25 x 8.25 inches

Postcard, 6 x 4.25 inches

Postcard, 6 x 4.25 inches
Blank back

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