Saturday, September 5, 2009

David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt

Monuments celebrating the Republic of South Africa (left)
and JG Strijdom, former prime minister (right),
with the headquarters of Volkskas Bank, Pretoria. 25 April 1982.

Currently running at the New Museum, NYC, is a show of David Goldblatt's work called Intersections Intersected: The Photography of David Goldblatt. It's on view till October 11, 2009. In conjunction with and in response to the show, a lot of Goldblatt related information has surfaced on the web.

Incomplete houses, part of a stalled municipal development of 1000 houses.
Lady Grey, Eastern Cape, 5 August 2006

On the New Museum's page about the show, you can find not only examples of Goldblatt's photographs but also nine short audio clips of him talking about his work. Particularly interesting is "Wall Labels" about the text that accompanies his images. You can also find a list of upcoming events related to the show.

On the Design Observer Group, Fred Ritchin has written a piece about Goldblatt's photography.

From the series 'South Africa: The Structure of Things Then'
1998 Speculative development by a property developer
in putatively ‘authentic Cape Dutch' style, Agatha, Tzaneen, Transvaal, 10 April 1989.

Here's a little tidbit of Goldblatt talking about his "Best Shot." For that matter, the Guardian of London has a whole series of photogs talking about their "Best Shot" many of which are quite interesting. Includes an astonishing range of photographers that covers the spectrum of the medium but the one not to miss is Platon talking about shooting Putin for Time's Man of the Year issue.

This I found fascinating: the South African poet Antjie Krog talking about having Goldblatt shoot a cover for her for one of her books.

From the series Particulars, Bambinaia, Parco Joubert, Johannesburg. 1975.

And finally, you can see a video clip of the photographer talking about how he goes about his work here.

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