Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photographers Have to Make a Living Too, Part 5

Kodak Ads Featuring Photographers of Note

These are all ads from American Photographer featuring various photographers' use of Kodak film. In all cases it's only one or two images but I've reproduced the whole ad for sake of providing context.

A. Aubrey Bodine
American Photographer
Last page

A. Aubrey Bodine
American Photographer, September 1949
Two images on the last page

Bodine was a well-known Pictorialist from Baltimore

Eliot Porter
American Photographer, May 1949
First page

Ansel Adams
American Photographer, May 1949
Last page (though the first ad image is certainly good enough to be by Adams)

Edward Weston
American Photographer, December 1948
First page

"...from Edward Weston's first group of Kodak Ektachrome pictures"

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