Friday, January 15, 2010

Ansel Adams, Journalist

Ansel Cruises Los Angeles

By Ansel Adams, 1940, but reminds me of David Goldblatt

Poking through the online photo-archive of the Los Angeles Public Library, a fellow named Gerard Van der Leun found many un-Ansel like photos labeled Ansel Adams. After some deep research he figured out what they were. It's an interesting story and can be found here with some of the images. The complete set of images, with no explanation as to their origin, can be found here.

The man in the photo at the right is Cole Weston, Edward's son. By Ansel Adams, 1940.


Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

I just saw an Ansel Adams exhibit in Phoenix and these photos are nothing like what I saw. Although I do like them, and it shows just how talented he really was. Thanks for sharing; now I have a new view of Ansel Adams and all of his work.

Don said...

These were apparently editorial work for Fortune magazine. Not really Adams; thing but he may have needed some money, he may have been feeling patriotic or it may been an excuse to go see Weston's son and hang out in Los Angeles. Glad they were of interest.