Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas and Bebe Nixon at the opening of an exhibit of his series "The Brown Sisters"
in Granada, Spain, May 6, 2009.

Nicholas Nixon, Self-Portrait, 1997

Of working photographers, there are very few producing images as good as those Nicholas Nixon makes. Here are a few gallery invites from the last ten years.

Zabriskie Gallery, New York City, 2001

Stiff card, 7.25 by 9 inches

Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 2004


Opened once

Opened to poster view
20 by 16.5 inches, folded twice

Yossi Milo Gallery, NYC, 2006



8.75 by 11.5 inches, folded once

Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, 2009




With flap opened
17.5 by 10 inches, folded twice

Nicholas Nixon by Bill Jay, 1973

And speaking of the Brown Sisters (which I'll assume you know), the British artist Idris Khan, who makes layered composites of appropriated imagery, has aggregated every one of the Brown sister photos into a single, rather cool, image.

every...Nicholas Nixon's Brown Sisters, 2004

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Anonymous said...

Wow that last photo of every Brown Sister put together is really cool. You can't make out the faces, but if you've seen the Brown Sisters collection then you can get a feel for it, and envision them all in their order. I just recently saw the Brown Sisters pieces at Phoenix Art Museum, what a treat. The photos really capture each sister’s personality, to an extent, and how they change over time.