Friday, May 27, 2011

Photographers Have to Make a Living Too, Part 7

Richard Avedon
For HP printers
The New Yorker, April 19-May 6, 2004

For Moschino
The New Yorker, April 4, 1996

Mike Yamashita
For Transitions
Newsweek, April 13, 2009

Tracy Emin
For Vivienne Westwood

Duane Michals
For Estee Lauder
Vanity Fair, November, 1991


Nicholas Brewer said...

Great quote by Avedon which I have read before transcends time. He does look like Doc out of Back to Future!

Don said...

When I was in school in the 1970s, studying photography, one of the endless arguments we had was over socially-conscious photography versus everything else. There were some for whom any sort of photo-making other than a strictly documentary style was inconceivable. When Avedon's book In the American West came out, that particularly enraged the social-documentarians as they felt Avedon was disparaging his subjects--or perhaps was making fun of them. I recall some saying that was a betrayal of the people whose portraits he had taken.

My argument, and I still believe it to be true, is that In the American West, is more akin to fiction than to fact--as Avedon said, Accurate but hardly the truth. He directed all the photos and some sprung forth entirely of his imagination. It was an East Coast, native-New Yorker vision of the West. From that angle, I think it's a brilliant story--fiction, as I said--a harrowing, hay-ride through sun-scorched untamed...nothingness.

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